New Foods!!

I am so excited!  Eli has been all about trying new foods today.  It started with my slice of cheesecake.  I was eating it and he came over and did his ummy-yummy-yummy noise and so I offered him a bite.  He backed away and shook his head no at first, but then he came over and took a bite.  He got very excited and had quite a few more bites.  Probably not the best food choice, but hey he’s so food limited that anything he’ll try is okay with me!

I was cutting fresh strawberries (see I can be healthy too!) as I was making dinner and he saw them.  He stood at my legs as I was cutting up the berries and he just kept looking at them.  So I offered him one, he took it and ran off.  Then I hear giggling and squeals and the ummy-yummy-yummy sound, so I quietly peek on him and he was LOVING that strawberry!  He ate one and then another!

After dinner I made some whipped cream for the dutch babies I’ll be making tomorrow.  Eli was being very clingy, so I just picked him up and we made it together.  He watched excitedly as we prepared it.  I offered him a bite to test it with me and he shook his head no at first but then grabbed my arm and wanted a bite.  He loved that too!

I was making a late dinner for me and D because D worked late tonight and part of dinner was jasmine rice.  I held Eli while I checked to see how done it was.  I put some on a spoon and blew it off (he helped blow, which is always adorable!) and then before I could get the spoon to my mouth he opened his mouth so wide and grabbed my arm.  He got the first bite to taste and he giggled and did his ummy-yummy-yummy thing.  He then proceeded to eat about a cup of rice!

We offer him new foods all the time.  We don’t push it at breakfast and we don’t usually go too far at lunch, but at dinner he is always offered something he doesn’t usually eat.  We give him lots of stuff that he loves, but I usually put say, a half of a green bean on his tray with his dinner.  Or I’ll put a spoonful of rice, or a bit of a strawberry, or a couple of bits of meat etc…  and mostly he ignores it, sometimes he throws it and sometimes he cries until I remove it from his sight.  He has never actually tried a new food I’ve put on his tray.  And yet today he was asking to try all sorts of foods he’s never really tried before!

I am one excited, happy and proud mama!!

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One Response to New Foods!!

  1. Karissa says:

    Yay Eli for being more adventurous! Kieran is still in a limited food funk from his latest illness, but I’m hoping we see an major improvement this week as he’s feeling better and better. Seriously though, it’s been yogurt, yogurt and more yogurt plus jars of pureed ham, pineapple, rice. Oh well.

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