Circles, chants and “eat”

Yesterday our oldest, V, who has diabetes, had a routine appointment with her D-nurse.  We go to Boston for this and we try to make it fun, not just an appointment.  After the appointment we decided to check out Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market.  These are very crowded, busy, noisy places.  I wasn’t sure how Eli would react.  Sometimes he freaks out and shows huge anxiety, sometimes he is very chill and it’s like he’s tune it out so it won’t bother him.

He fell asleep in the van on the way from the hospital parking garage to the way over priced parking garage near where we were going.  He stayed asleep for a while in the stroller as we were walking around and he woke up at the tail end of lunch.  He munched on some bread, had a quick drink and then we walked around and watched some street performers do their thing.  He wasn’t too happy sitting in the stroller watching, but when I took him out and sat him on my lap and let him jump up and down as he watched he was very content and happy.

He got a little antsy, but overall he did really well, especially after running around in the hospital for a little over an hour!  While he and his brother and his father were waiting for V and I to be done with her appointment they hung out in an area of the hospital that has a stage.  Eli had a blast running back and forth across the stage.  He interacted with another little boy there by stopping and jumping up and down anytime his path crossed the little boy’s path.

He is often so aware of the people around him and sometimes he really seems to want to play with people he comes across.  Of course he usually does this by either running circles around the person, or getting a little too personal or throwing himself on the floor at their feet, but I am encouraged by how much he really tries at times to socialize with other people.  Would I prefer he didn’t greet other children by poking them in the eye? Heck ya, but I’ll take his eagerness and willingness to be with other people.

Today has been a very spinning circles and chanting kind of day.  He has spun in circles for quite a while today.  He spins and hums or just spins and then he stumbles to regain his balance and then he spins again.  He always seems to content and relaxed when he’s spinning.  He’s been very interested in the ceiling fans today too.  He likes to look up and them and smile.  He’s always been that way with ceiling fans though.

Eli has been so vocal today.  I love hearing his voice.  Of course he was mostly chanting… but it’s a sweet sound anyway.  He’s been a big fan of saying the sound that P makes and a sound that almost sounds like pop, but not quite.  He yells it over and over, usually while running back and forth or jumping up and down.  He’s been making another sound pretty consistently, but I’m pretty sure I can’t spell that one.

This afternoon Eli brought me a box of cereal.  He sat down on the sofa next to me.  I asked him if he wanted some, he didn’t answer.  I signed more and asked him if he wanted some more (he had just had some) and without prompting he signed “eat”!!  He repeatedly while looking at me put his little fist up to his mouth and tapped it against his face.  I gave him his cereal and a big cheer while crying (happy tears) on his little head and hugging him.

We have been working on signing “eat” and “more” with him.  We don’t just give him things, we usually try to encourage him to ask for things or make some attempt at letting us know what he wants.  For example, I’ll say, “Eli would you like some more water?” and I will sign more.  He doesn’t usually respond.  I’ll do it again, and usually he gets a little grumpy that I haven’t just given it to him already, so I will take his hands and help him sign more while I say more and then promptly hand him his sippy cup.  And we do the same with eat.  And today he signed eat!!  Very excited mama over here!

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