A good day!

Today was a good day, a really good day.  Eli was so spirited and happy.  He wanted me to play with him.  We did puzzles and for every animal he neighed.  We played with the shape sorter, well he played, I watched.  He sat in my lap and next to me a lot.  We read the same book (Buzz Buzz, Busy Bees) over and over again.  He signed more anytime I asked him if he wanted something to eat and he did.  He shook his head no when I asked him something and his answer was no.  He was gentle and loving with the dog.

He asked to nurse around bedtime, by climbing into my lap, snuggling my chest and saying “na-na” .. and so we did our bedtime routine and we laid down and he nursed and then all of a sudden he popped off, looked at me and said “he-wa” and climbed off the bed and ran off to the toy room.  He said “he-wa” several more times, as he passed the dog, when he saw the cat, when his daddy got home from work .. and then he was waving when he said it.  We’re pretty sure it’s “hello.”  It’s so cute and sweet!

I was sitting with him in the toy room as he was running around dumping out every bucket and basket as fast as he could and running to the next one.  He picked up a plastic hat (it goes on a plastic horse figure) and put it on my head and said, “ha” several times.  We went back and forth putting the tiny hat on each others heads saying hat.

He still wore one shoe and was upset if he didn’t have his shoe on.  He was particular about his clothes.  He made sure drawers and cabinets were shut.  He rocked and head banged.  All of that was still there today, but he was also so responsive and happy and cuddly.  It was a nice day!

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