Eli is an awesome little boy, born in October, 2008.  It’s come to light in recent months that Eli isn’t your “typical” child.  He’s such a funny little guy, he is so happy and so happy making.  He smiles so often and just brings such joy to us.

Eli is speech delayed.  He has retrieval issues, meaning that he can learn something but then he may not remember it again or be able to do/say it again, even though he did in fact learn it and show that he knew it and well.  He has sensory issues; noise, tactile and food are things we are currently working on.  He doesn’t fair well in public with crowds.  He is hesitant to try anything new and he is a very routine driven little boy.

I’ve created this blog mainly for myself.  I want to track and see his progress.  I want a place to rejoice in all the things he is doing.  I need a place to vent and let it all out on days when things are just difficult.  I am excited to chronicle Eli’s journey through his life and to have record of everything we’ve done and are doing to help him be his best him.

I’m so proud to be Eli’s mommy and to walk this walk with him.  Walking with his little hand holding on to my finger is one of my favorite things.  I love to be lead by him and see this world through his eyes.


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