Quirks and Days

Shoe days- he MUST be wearing his shoes or he is just not okay emotionally.  On these days he is typically very anxious.  But if he has shoes on (sometimes it’s just one shoe) he is typically very happy and he spends a lot of time marching around stomping his foot or feet rhythmically.

Pencil days- these are the days when he MUST have his pencils on hand and he often always has one in his hand.  He’s most happy on these days just drawing in a notebook and doesn’t like to be disturbed.

Truck days- these are probably the best of the days .. when he almost always has a car/truck in hand and spends most of the day lining them all up or moving them one place to another or driving the car of the day on everything, from us, to window sills, to the walls or other various toys.

Eli almost always has something small in his hand .. it varies, it could be a dog treat or a glass bead or a straw or a small bit of paper, anything really.

He doesn’t have a varied diet.  He likes very few things and he prefers those things to be done a certain way.  He likes chicken nuggets and he will only eat them if we put them on a plate and give him all of them at once.  He then stacks them or lines them up how he wants them and then he eats them.  He loves applesauce but it has to be watered down and in a straw sippy cup.

Eli has your typical toddler fits out of anger or frustration but he also has these other fits.  During those fits it is obvious that emotionally he isn’t okay at the moment and that he is feeling some anxiety and just isn’t feeling grounded.  These happen if say his shoe falls off on a shoe day or someone takes a pencil on a pencil day or if he can’t have something in his hands.  Or if we are in public and there’s just too many people.  Or if someone approaches him.  These times he can be hard to comfort and usually one of his favorite songs or a favorite tv show can help calm him and bring him back to his usual happy self.


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